Saturday, May 25, 2024
May 25, 2024

Ganges village 30 km/hr signs coming

Salt Spring Island drivers and riders will move through Ganges village a little more slowly in September, as signs designating the new 30 km/hr zone in town are being installed before the end of the month.  

In what might be seen as a quick victory for the new Local Community Commission (LCC) — but which commissioners note is the culmination of a long advocacy process — the provincial ministry with authority over Fulford-Ganges Road is setting the slower speed as part of a wider public safety and transportation improvement effort on Salt Spring.  

“The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MoTI) has decided that the speed limit change on the north end of town will be right at Embe Bakery at Seaview,” said LCC commissioner Brian Webster, speaking at an ASK Salt Spring gathering Friday, Aug. 18. “And at the north end of town, it will be approximately 100 metres beyond the Rainbow Road intersection.” 

Webster said MoTI had promised the signs would be up by the end of August; fellow commissioner Gayle Baker joined in expressing disappointment that the slower speed limit wouldn’t extend as far the Country Grocer intersection, calling the decision “a bit weird,” but agreed it was mostly good news. 

“We know that within two weeks, that will be done,” said Webster. “Another 100 metres would have made a lot more sense, but it’s a minor disappointment amidst a 95 per cent great news story.” 

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  1. Not sure why change the speed limit? With all the slow rollers on Salt Spring!! They never reach that speed! I know, I am behind them! LOL. But I do appreciate the Slow Rollers that actually do pull over and let me by!


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