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May 22, 2024

Letters: Wrong-side-drive, water restrictions, Portlock survey vexes

Right-side steering wheel comment prompts memories 

Just had to laugh at Mike Stacey’s description of all of these foreign little diesel vans as “stupid steering-wheel-on-the-wrong-side abominations” . . . har! (Aug. 2 Driftwood Viewpoint.

He is perfectly correct, and I am quite amazed that our transit authorities even allow this type of dangerous nonsense on our public roads. 

Back in 1996, I bought a British-registered Ford van with a right-side steering wheel in Spain. I converted it into a camper and drove it through 10 different countries, all of which had “right lane” road systems, like ours. It was definitely a challenge, and on the rare occasions that I needed to pass a slow truck or something, the only way I knew it was okay to pass was if my passenger DIDN’T scream out from the left-side seat . . . the “scare chair,” as I called it! In the end, we survived, of course, but there were a few close calls. 

When it comes to new road speeds through Ganges, I think 40 km/hr would be more appropriate than 30, and sure, the more bike lanes the better.  

Parking spaces are another issue. If the fire hall must go, how about using that area? 

Jim Russell, 

Baker Road  

Water and resident increases conflict 

The Aug. 2 Driftwood informs us of severe water restrictions and water use enforcements: “conditions where adverse impacts from low water availability are almost certain,” (“Watering limits to be enforced” story).  

My lawn withered a long time ago, my flowers are all dead and I limit watering my vegetable garden to the extent where the carrots and beets are almost non-existent. I use recycled water and we flush only when absolutely necessary. 

But the Islands Trust — entrusted with the mandate to “preserve and protect the island and its unique amenities and environment for the benefit of the residents” — still envisions increasing the island’s population with a potential 5,200 more people.  

What does it take to make people see that these conditions are not a passing phase but an ever-increasing threat to our environment, one that will ultimately affect us all? 

Margriet Ruurs, 

Salt Spring 

Concept ranking required on survey 

I wish to share that the Local Community Commission/Capital Regional District (CRD) Portlock Park survey requires you to rank order each of three different plans.  

I liked one of the three options but found the other two equally unsatisfactory. I chose therefore only to rank my first choice. To my dismay, the survey was programmed by the CRD to not accept my submission. After spending 20 minutes completing the survey, I was dismayed that I was shut out.   

I did ask if the program could be re-programmed and received a CRD non-answer. The purpose of this email is to let other community members know that it is required that you rank order all three options in order to submit your completed survey and participate. 

Curt Firestone, 

Salt Spring  

Updated plan thrills  

What a delight to return from the Netherlands and learn that the 2013 Salt Spring Island Cycling Master Plan has finally been updated. Even better, I was thrilled to read its recommendations for achieving an integrated transportation plan with a focus on Ganges village (July 26 Driftwood).  

During our brief stay in The Hague we experienced the joys and benefits of an integrated multi-modal transportation system and witnessed how it addresses mobility challenges for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians. So very happy to see that some of these measures figure in the Capital Regional District’s transportation plan. 

John Rowlandson, 

Fulford Village  

DAISSI thanks 

On behalf of the DAISSI board, I am writing this open letter of thanks to express our heartfelt gratitude for your invaluable support in making the first-ever Salt Spring Pride Festival a resounding success. Your dedication, enthusiasm and contributions played a pivotal role in creating a memorable event that celebrated diversity, inclusivity and love. 

To everyone who attended and embraced the spirit of Pride, including community members and 2SLGBTQIA+ organizations, thank you for making the festival a vibrant and welcoming space. Your presence and engagement added a captivating sense of community to the festivities. 

To our wonderful supporters, whether individuals, public funders, media partners and local businesses, your belief in our vision and generous contributions helped bring this dream to life. Your commitment to fostering an inclusive community is deeply appreciated. 

To our dedicated volunteers, your selflessness and hard work behind the scenes ensured the smooth running of the event. Your efforts were truly inspiring. 

Together, we created a profound impact and laid the foundation for future Salt Spring Pride Festivals that will continue to promote love, acceptance and unity. 

Once again, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being a part of this historic event. Your support has made a difference, and we look forward to welcoming you all back for the next Salt Spring Pride Festival. 

With love and gratitude, 

Juli Mallett,  

President, DAISSI (Diverse and Inclusive Salt Spring Island) 

Emcon appreciated 

I want to say a huge thank you to Andrew Gaetz, operations manager for Emcon Services looking after roads on Salt Spring Island. 

 A friend of mine had the back tires of her mobility scooter caught in a rut at the very end of the off-road community pathway that parallels Atkins Road, just where it meets with Lower Ganges Road. Lucky for her some kind motorist saw her predicament and helped to get her tires out of the rut. My friend called me, as I chair the Partners Creating Pathways Committee of Island Pathways. I remember years ago filling in this rut with gravel. The rut had reappeared and enlarged. 

I emailed Andrew as I was not sure if this was a road issue or a pathway issue. I asked him to have a look at it and let me know what he thought. Within a couple of hours the issue was fixed. I was very impressed and thankful that no one, especially my friend, will be trapped in this rut halfway into Lower Ganges Road. 

Thank you to Andrew and his Emcon crew for quick action in response to this concern. 

Jean Gelwicks, 

Salt Spring  

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