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May 27, 2024

Nomad up next at Tea à Tempo on July 26


Fans of the popular concert series Tea à Tempo enjoy a wide range of music offered in the weekly summer programming in All Saints by-the-Sea.

The concert on Wednesday, July 26 featuring Nomad is sure to be a music lover’s delight.

Nomad is a collective of six imaginative and talented musicians hailing from all over North America. The group’s music telepathically weaves in and out of crisp structure, improvisational jungles and lyrical melody in a sublime mixture of jazz, chamber music and free improvisation. Since forming in 2012 while attending McGill University, they have toured eastern Canada, midwestern U.S., and performed at the Toronto and Vancouver International Jazz Festivals, IMOO festival in Ottawa and L’OFF festival in Montreal.

Since releasing their last full-length album As We Are in 2016, Nomad has performed and released a single with German pianist Pablo Held and released a remote recording collaboration featuring new music with guest artists, including flutist Anh Phung, vocalist Felicity Williams, drummers Phil Melanson and Devin Drobka. Their third full-length album is due for release next month. 

Wednesday’s concert will be played by five members of Nomad, including Salt Spring’s own Simon Millerd on trumpet and keyboards. With him will be Mike Bjella, tenor sax and flute; Ted Crosby, tenor sax and clarinet; Ben Dwyer, bass; and Kai Basanta, drums.

Music by donation begins at 2:10 p.m. Donations provide the honoraria for performers and contribute to the running of the Tea à Tempo series. Tea and treats, for $4, will be served immediately following the concert in the hall overlooking Ganges Harbour.

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