Sunday, June 23, 2024
June 23, 2024

Quinitsa replaces Bowen Queen as of Oct. 12

Regular travellers between Crofton and Vesuvius should be prepared for a change this Tuesday, Oct. 12 when the MV Quinitsa returns to the route.

The 61-car-capacity Bowen Queen has served Route 6 since April. BC Ferries lists the Quinitsa’s capacity as 44 cars.

BC Ferries says that while the overall capacity of the Quinitsa “is reduced from the vessel it is replacing, the Bowen Queen, it has more overheight vehicle capacity and is capable of loading and discharging the mix of commercial and passenger vehicle loads more efficiently. This will allow for shorter turnaround times in port, assisting the vessel to maintain the posted schedule throughout the winter.”

BC Ferries also notes that the MV Quinitsa has washroom facilities available on the car deck.

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