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May 29, 2024

Salt Spring Island RCMP Provide 1st Quarter Statistics for 2023


As of March 31 2023, Salt Spring Island RCMP responded to 570 calls for service in the first three months of this year. During this time, SSI RCMP issued 474 violation tickets and warnings for traffic-related offences and arrested 20 impaired drivers (more than one per week during this period) for driving impaired by either alcohol or drug. An additional 21 drivers were stopped, charged and their vehicles towed for failing to have valid insurance while driving. Other calls during this period included nine firearms reports, six sexual assaults and 57 mental-health related files.

Traffic safety continues to be a concern for both residents and police on Salt Spring: impaired driving, speeding, speeding through school zones or playground zones, failing to stop at stop signs, driving with no insurance and defective personal vehicles/commercial vehicles – all these types of traffic violations will continue to be a focus of Salt Spring RCMP in the year to come. Some drivers attempted to flee from police during traffic stops in this first quarter. All drivers were located and additional charges were laid.

Police conducted 323 foot patrols (more than three foot patrols per day and in addition to the 570 calls for service) of various areas of Salt Spring. Police will continue to increase enforcement in areas such as Centennial Park, Propane Beach and Grace Point during the summer months. More than 120 licensed premises checks (bar walks) were conducted with police ensuring bar/restaurant safety and discussing the importance of not serving intoxicated patrons from both a safety and liability standpoint.

Salt Spring RCMP had various community engagements, including an ASK Salt Spring event and a Gulf Islands Secondary School Law Class presentation. In the upcoming year, Salt Spring RCMP intend to assist various local and government organizations with the enforcement of laws in Ganges Harbour.

Some of the calls for the first quarter are detailed below:


• Police responded to a request to check on a missing friend; the friend was found to be at home and not feeling well.

• Police were called for a “toxic” fire at someone’s residence and upon finding the property owner, asked for his identification; after he refused to provide ID, police conducted checks on the male and then issued him a violation ticket for failing to identify himself under the Wildfire Act.

• After receiving a call regarding an elderly female being starved and held against her will by family, police conducted an investigation: the female was unable to leave the residence due to a recent injury and food and care was being provided.

• A male tried to flee from police during a traffic stop; the male was located shortly thereafter and multiple violation tickets issued and a review of his driver’s licence was requested from ICBC.

• Police responded for an attempted suicide by overdose; the male was subsequently transported by EHS to hospital.

• Police arrested a female for impaired driving by drug after stopping a vehicle and conducting drug and alcohol testing; violation tickets were issued and her vehicle was impounded.

• SSI RCMP assisted Richmond RCMP with their attempts to locate a missing female.

• SSI RCMP and SSI Search & Rescue located a lost hiker in Ruckle Park.

• Police were notified of a local male who, after sending nude pictures of himself to an online “friend,” was then extorted for money; direction was provided by police for online protection and future safety.

• Police were called to an assault in progress where a male was attacking people and property with a machete; upon arrival, a police officer was assaulted by the male with a steel pipe – the male was subsequently taken into custody with multiple charges being approved by Crown.

• SSI RCMP responded to a report of a driver who drove into the ocean near Bader’s Beach; the vehicle was eventually removed from the ocean after the high and low tides, and charges were recommended to Crown.

• Illicit drugs were seized during a traffic stop.


• Police were advised of people from Ganges Harbour trespassing and using people’s gardens on land as a lavatory; the identities of the suspects is still being sought.

• After a male was aggressive and threatening to an employee at a local business, police were contacted; a ban and a trespass notice was issued to the male with directions for him not to return.

• On Feb. 19, a variety of unrelated calls were received by police that included, but were not limited to, 1) a vehicle collision, 2) a suicidal male, 3) an abandoned vehicle near Vesuvius, 4) loose sheep on the roadway, 5) a report of gunshots, 6) a car rear window smashed by a male, 7) a theft of drugs, and 8) a screaming female kicking holes in the walls of her house.

• SSI RCMP were called to a male trespassing on private property; after refusing to leave, the male was subsequently detained and was pepper sprayed when he became aggressive ; charges have been recommended to Crown.

• Two impaired drivers were found by police in the same evening; both drivers were charged and their vehicles impounded.

• SSI RCMP were called to a report of multiple trees down across a roadway during a snowstorm; police attended and thanks to the kindness of neighbours with flood lights and chainsaws, the trees were quickly bucked and the road was made safe for travel.


• Police responded to a suicidal female who was cutting her arms and throat; the female was apprehended and transported to Lady Minto Hospital for assessment.

• A local driver was served their driving prohibition documents by SSI RCMP after being caught driving without a licence.

• SSI RCMP were contacted to help solve a child custody dispute; the situation was mediated with recommendations to get a child custody order for future clarification.

• Two impaired drivers were caught by police on the same day; charges were issued and vehicles were impounded.

• Police were asked to assist another agency in investigating a bestiality file on Salt Spring Island; the investigation was completed.

• A male was arrested for assault after a bar fight in Ganges.

• A child pornography investigation is currently underway by SSI RCMP for an incident on Salt Spring.

• Police were called after a male threatened to pour gasoline on himself and set himself on fire; the male was found with burnt clothes and he was subsequently cared for by police.

The RCMP is recognizing May 23, 2023 as the 150th anniversary of the RCMP as Canada’s national police force. For Salt Spring Island citizenry, this detachment thanks you for your continued support of our detachment and our organization as we continue to strive to “Maintain the Right” and protect our community.

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