Saturday, May 25, 2024
May 25, 2024

Treated effluent discharged into Ganges Creek

The Capital Regional District posted a notice on a downtown Ganges village beach Wednesday, noting that treated effluent was unexpectedly discharged into the ocean at the outlet of Ganges Creek.

A public safety bulletin explains that an emergency construction project on the wastewater treatment plant outfall pipe has taken longer than anticipated and resulted in fully treated and disinfected effluent bypassing the outfall pipe. The treated effluent entered the storm water system before discharging into the ocean in the vicinity of Ganges Alley.

The CRD said it would post an advisory sign at the beach as a precaution, in consultation with Island Health. Water quality monitoring will be undertaken in the vicinity of the discharge site to confirm that the risk remains low. The advisory sign will be removed following completion of the bypass and after confirmation that the risk is low based on water quality results.

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  1. If it has been treated & disinfected, then what is the issue. How about more ‘Breaking News’ about homelessness, lack of laundry facilities & mental heath issues!


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