Friday, May 24, 2024
May 24, 2024

Viewpoint: Holding Salt Spring together 

By Ben Corno 

We live in the ideal size of community. People love to tell each other, “10,000 people” or “12,000 in the summer.”  

That’s how I know how many people are 10,000, or 12,000 in the summer: it feels perfect.   

I also hear that “this place runs on volunteers” or “volunteers are the glue.” I have, incorrectly, thought that the “volunteer glue” thing is a function of our community size, but now, I actually think that everywhere, in any size of community, volunteers are the glue. We just have that perfect size community to notice it.   

We all know someone who is volunteering with some community organization, club, team, pod, society, or some other type of non-profit adventure.  

It is a thrill to think that those organizations and their volunteers really are holding our community together, and that we all know each other so well — so it looks to us like we are holding our community together.  

Almost every one of those people would say that their group could use more volunteers, or that they just lost some long-dedicated volunteers.  

Sports teams, youth activities, social clubs. halls, emergency services, human supporters, nature stewards, agricultural societies, art supporters, non-profits — just think of all the energy that goes into all those things which have become beloved and critical components of our community. It is astounding, and all the people who put their time into those pursuits deserve — of course — a huge “thank you.” But also a little support of their own.  

The Inaugural 2024 Salt Spring Island Volunteer Fair will take place on April 13 at SIMS from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Its purpose is simple: to bring the groups who could use more volunteer help to connect with people who want to help these organizations out.   

Whether you are new to your perfect-size community, looking for a change of perspective or just want to meet more people, consider walking the foyer at SIMS for a moment to come and say hello to some of the many groups who help keep our community together and see if you have time and energy to help one of them out.   

Entry is free. Don’t forget about the parking behind SIMS on Park Drive across from the skatepark. If you have an easy time walking up the hill from the lower lot, consider saving the upper parking lot spots for those who find it harder. And if you can walk, or bike, that could be a great way to travel on a Saturday.  

Ben Corno serves on Salt Spring’s Local Community Commission (LCC)

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